Cowboy Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Looking for a new way to eat steak? People love their steak, although some have maybe never even heard of a " cowboy cut " of meat. According to Elise, who posted the article on Simply Recipes web site, she says that its a thicker cut of the cow's meat, that she was quite astonished at how large it was at first. Leaving the bone in apparently gives it more flavour, and if you want to act like a true cowboy, you would probably eat it by holding the bone and just biting into the meat instead of using forks and knives, just get in there right?

The recipe has step by step instructions telling you how to cook the perfect cowboy steak. This recipe is accompanied by Chimichurri Sauce as well which is a sauce that comes to us from Argentina. Made with garlic, parsley, oregano, cloves, olive oil and other seasonings, it sounds like a South American version of a pesto almost! The meat is marinated in this sauce for several hours and then cook it up serving with extra sauce to dip the meat in. I don't even eat cow meat and this actually looks tasty to me! The sauce especially! You could try it with grilled chicken I suppose too. Or even prawns! Just in time for grilling season that will be starting up pretty soon! You will totally have to try it out for your next barbecue! I think I will suggest it to my beef eating friends for our first bbq coming up pretty soon! It would be the perfect time efficient recipe to try! Go a head and try it out for yourself at your next bbq! Just follow the link in the description below to get to the recipe at Simply Recipes website!

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