Cozy 400 Sq Ft Log Cabin in the Rocky Mountains

What comes into your mind when you think of the Rocky Mountains? Besides images of clear blue lakes, spectacular mountain views and pristine forests, possibly you may just be imagining a cozy log cabin just like the one in the picture. This little cabin picture has a lovely rustic décor on the inside. This little wood structure is appealing with its interior and exterior finishings.

A cute little covered deck is the perfect spot to sit with a beverage or have a meal outside. What a perfect spot to listen to the quiet, and get a glance at the local wildlife. Down the way is a lake which is an ideal spot to try your hand at fishing or take a kayak or canoe out for a peaceful paddle. If you are thinking you want to build a little log cabin, it may be a good idea to actually experience staying in one for a few days.

It would give you a good opportunity to feel what it is like to actually be in a small cabin. You would have first hand experience on finding out, how a particular floor plan works for you and your family. There is nothing better than first hand experience to give you the knowledge you require about what worked perfectly for you and what would you change? Whether you like the colour of the wood or is the deck big enough to suit your lifestyle.

There are many types of wood and finishes that can be used on wood. If you are thinking of building, try to view at least one or two actual homes as what you see on paper is not always what it will feel like in reality. So it’s time for you to draft your own plan. Whether you are building it as a place for a romantic retreat, a vacation house or a perfect getaway with friends and families; log cabin in the Rocky Mountains would be the best and suitable plan to consider.

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