Crack Tots!

This dinner is..let's just say..addictive. Hence the name ;) From the creator of some of our favorite recipes out there, Oh Bite It, has come up with this fantastic dinner recipe that you and your family will not be able to get enough of it.

Let's start with the 'tater tot'. Cute name...big and delicious taste. If you believe that tater tots are not popular, then you would in fact be dead wrong. Tater tots are such a hype dinner choice, that they get thousands of daily searches for recipes on the internet. Why are tater tots this popular? Well, in my humble opinion, the potato is the the answer. Not only this, but it is an easy potato recipe. They are already crunchy and already done to perfection and can be added to dozens of varieties of recipes. Your kids love them, your husband loves them..and let's face it, once you start eating them, you probably love the too.

This recipe combines the tater tot with some other favorites including bacon, sausage, cheese, butter and hot sauce. This is NOT a weight watchers recipe, and this recipe should be seen exactly for what it is, which is addictive and delicious and not that good for your heart. All that being said, the key to eating is eating in moderation. Not avoiding everything that is considered 'bad', because what a way to live, but certainly not over indulging only in the unhealthy foods because they are so addictive. If you want to make it a little bit healthier, then choose organic farm raised animals products to cook with which will provide far more nutrients to your body.

This recipe involves a little bit of pan frying, some mixing and some baking. Top it off with your favorite sauce (we like hot sauce!) and serve.

Enjoy in moderation! This delicious recipe can be found at the 'Oh Bite It' website below.

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