Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting

Oh la la! Can you imagine biting into a cupcake that has a cookie dough frosting! Wow and double wow. There are a lot of frosting recipes out there. You don't see this one very often but rest assured, once you use it once, it may well be requested by the family again and again. So a little history about frostings. What is frosting? Wikipedia tells us that in the US this substance is sweet, often creamy and is made with sugar and milk or water that is enriched with things like cream cheese, butter and egg whites.

Frostings are used to decorate cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Frostings can be spread on, or piped on. You can color them with food coloring. You can add things to them such as cake candy, nuts, chocolate chips as a few examples. The very most simple form of a frosting is called a glaze. It has only 2 ingredients, water and confectioners' sugar. You can flavor this with lemon juice instead of water. There are buttercream frosting, as well as frostings that are prepared on the stovetop, such as a seven minute frosting that requires cooking. There is also fondant that is made by adding glycerin and is a firm frosting. Have you ever wondered just who invented frosting.

Back in 1769 there was a recipe found in the Experienced English Housekeeper that showed Eliabeth Raffald made frosting. Then it was not again until 1915 that there is record of Mrs. Fred W. Gurney making buttercream frosting, and then in 1918 and 1923 Fannie Farmer followed suit. And here we just take it all so for granted because in our lives it just has always been present. It is a curious thing when you stop and really think about what made these women decide that something sweet would go so well on their baked cake. We want to thank the people at the 'Chef in Training' website and suggest you visit their website below to get the full recipe and instructions for this amazing Cream Cheese Cookie Dough Frosting.

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