This Creamy Chicken Ritz Casserole is a quick to prepare meal and a great way to use up chicken or turkey leftovers and simple ingredients.

Other ingredients include cream of chicken or mushroom soup, sour cream or yogurt and butter. It makes your mouth water in anticipation.

Let's learn a little bit about the history of the Ritz. Ritz crackers are a brand of crackers that are well known in North American households. Are you aware that for two years in a row, the Ritz cracker is the top savory snack being chosen by US consumers? This is according a survey that was done by the company YouGov Brandindex.

That is pretty amazing when you consider it was introduced back in 1930 by Nabisco and how many competitors it has in the cracker category.

The characteristic of this cracker is their shiny tint, which is a result of using a higher butter content and a lower yeast content. An interesting bit of trivia is that it was named in honor of the posh Ritz hotel during the era of the US Depression.

Ritz crackers are also available in the United Kingdom.

There are a quite a few varieties you can choose from. They are original, whole wheat, low sodium, bacon, honey butter, hint of salt, reduced fat, roasted vegetable, and fresh stacks.

This beloved cracker is sold in a regular size and also in a mini size version that is particularly popular with small children. There is also the Ritz Peanut Butter Bits that many moms love to put into their children's lunch boxes.

The developers of this recipe have combined several already favorite foods into one savory casserole, and it is no wonder why those that have served it to their family say that is simply disappears!

This casserole would go so well with a fresh plate of veggies and dip, or a colorful green salad.

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