Creamy Lime Squares

Calling all you tea and dessert lovers out there, today's recipe for this "Creamy Lime Squares" will surely make your day. This pastry will get entice your friends to attend your little 'tea parties' over the weekends! We found it from a Tumblr blog called Red Black Apron and we must say that the blogger did a really good job when it comes to earning the trust of her followers. This recipe alone has been reblogged and liked more than a hundred times by different bloggers! She started her blog a few years after leaving her hometown, Manila, Philippines. She is now living independently in the United States and documenting her new life in a new country. Her recipe blog consists mostly of her food creations, but you will also find her travel articles amusing and very informative.

Now going back to this recipe she created, she intended it for St. Patrick’s Day. Instead of joining the whole drinking session that is known for this holiday, she decided to make these sweet little pastries. These lime squares still made it appropriate for the color of the event. And since it is a dessert that is made of citrus, it is also ideal to have it during springtime!

She adapted this recipe from Martha Stewart’s famous lime squares with pistachio Graham-cracker crust. Based on her inspiration who is a household name in the area of baking, you can already assume that this pastry is a good one. For the crust, you will need some butter, ground nuts, Graham cracker crumbs, sugar and a little bit of grated lime zest. For the filling, you must have available a couple of large egg yolks, condensed milk, lime juice and about 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.

The crust is easy too, it's your typical graham cracker crust with unsalted melted butter, some almond flour or ground nuts whichever you prefer, some graham cracker crumbs and some sugar, you can even add some grated lime zest too. To make the crust you will start by mixing together the almond flour or ground nuts with the graham cracker crumbs, zest and sugar. Then in a pan, press the mixture down into the bottom and one inch up the side of the pan, and bake until this crust is lightly browned, about eight to twelve minutes. Then you will want to let this crust cool for about thirty minutes. These creamy lime square look as great as they taste, with lots of creamy lime filling and some crunchy graham cracker crust, a perfect combination. You can serve these at picnics, bake sales (you might want to avoid the ground nuts recipe for this) and for anytime you have guests over, they are sure to love them.

You will want to take a look at her exploring the Philippines section where she talks about lots of great sites that she has visited. One of the places she talks about is the Secret Garden Restaurant in the city of Baguio, Baguet, where she talks about the nice Italian dinner she had of pastas (yes not just one pasta but a few), along with pizzas both Beef and Cream, and Neapolian. She gives a low down about what she liked about the dinner from the thin crust and cheese on the pizza, to the fresh toppings. She recommends and talks about lots of other restaurants to try.

The recipe index on this site is impressive, with ideas and inspirations from all over the world. You'll find recipes from Austria, Australia, London, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. There is a good recipe with everything from Chicken and Mushroom done in Oyster Sauce to Pumpkin Ice Cream, and everything in between.

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