Creamy Mediterranean Tortellini Bake

This is one of those recipes where the photo alone is just enough to make you drool and crave the creamy goodness of pasta... This Creamy Mediterranean Tortellini Bake is amazingly simple too. It was actually made in a multi cooker, which I had honestly never heard of before. I am so old school when it comes to cooking, I don't even use a microwave anymore, mainly because it's not the best to microwave our food, better to reheat in the oven or on the stove top so that all of the nutrients can remain in tact in your food. That aside, I was intrigued when the author of the Amuse Your Bouche (which is such a cute name for a food blog) said that she used a multi cooker. So naturally, I had to look up what it was right away! There are just so many new inventions coming in all the time, its hard to keep up with all of them, but it is a very exciting time to be alive to say the least.

The Redmond Multi Cooker is like a slow cooker or a crockpot, but it doesn't just stop there. It has options to be able to fry, bake, and steam. The technology these days! This all in one cooking machine can bake bread, steam your vegetables, fry chicken and even cook oatmeal. It can even make yogurt! This is a all in one cooker, that could potentially clear up a lot of space in the kitchen by just having to use one thing. Think about it, if you got one of these, you could get rid of your bread maker, your steamer, your slow cooker and your crock pot. You could even get rid of your microwave at this point! This would revolutionize cooking in the homes of so many people.

The recipe itself looks so scrumptious! Tortellini with tons of garlic, creamy sauce with tomatoes in it and then topped with cheese? It is totally a comfort food to die for! The great thing about the multi cooker is that you can fry up the onions and garlic all in the same pot, so that you're not using , multiple pots. Less dishes to do is always a good thing in anybody's books. The recipe could be made as a casserole too in the oven if you don't have a multi cooker... yet!

This is definitely a recipe to make on a cold rainy day when you just need some comfort food, definitely not something you would eat regularly. Kids would absolutely love this too! They would go crazy over it and it could turn into their new mac n' cheese! Better than the boxed stuff that is full of chemicals, with that bright neon cheese, yuck! So are you interested to see what a multi cooker is too? As well as try out this awesome recipe for Creamy mediterranean tortellini? Then you need to check out the Amuse Your Bouche website, for this recipe and other totally amazing recipes. You will want to save this website for meal inspiration and awesome recipes for all kinds of different foods!

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