Crescent Chicken Bake

Who doesn't love a good casserole or oven bake from time to time? Cresent Chicken Bake is a recipe that not only is comforting but will satisfy any appetite and leave your family wanting more. And it's now our new family favourite!

It was rainy and little cooler than preferred last week and I was in one of those moods where I just wanted to making something comforting, warming, you know that taste of Home. I didn't want to just do what I would normally do, throw together maybe a lasagna, sheppard's pie, or even scalloped potatoes. Something new was definitely in store and plus I had just gone on a big grocery shop so I wanted to take advantage of some of the ingredients purchased. I love finding new recipes to make especially when I am in that Martha Stewart creative-in-the-kitchen sort of mood. Isn't cooking wonderful? I find it not only relaxing but a great outlet for inspiration. And who gets to benefit? Your family, your friends, and then you! Food surely brings people together and is such a wonderful way to share certain moments, memories, even feelings. That's why I love cooking comfort foods from time to time because you're sure to have a happy and satisfied family at the end of the meal. Casseroles and oven bakes are also great as left-overs! Hey, I'm a Mom and a busy one, I have to think practically too, you know.

After trolling the internet and searching over some of my favourite recipe sites, I found this one and boy, am I happy that I did. Its a family pleaser with no question and can be served with your favourite veggies or even fresh mixed green salad. Like many casserole dishes you can add or swap ingredients as you like - go spicy, maybe try an Italian herb theme…its all up to you. Get baking and bon appetit.

This crescent chicken bake recipe is comfort food at its best. To start preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and lightly spray with non stick cooking spray an 11-inch by 7-inch rectangular pan. Then in a medium bowl mix together the chicken, instant minced onion, cream cheese, garlic powder, salt and pepper and mozzarella, and set aside. Then you can separate the crescent dough into 8 individual triangles, and place some of the chicken recipe mixture onto the wide part of the crescent. Then roll up and seal the crescent completely, then you can roll them up, just like a crescent roll, and pinch in the sides together so the filling doesn't come out. Now place your chicken filled crescents in the baking pan. Pour some sauce around the crescents chicken bake, making sure to avoid covering the dough with the sauce so they will brown and not get soggy.

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