Cucumber Tomato Salad

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh, local produce in all sorts of amazing salads, and salads are a wonderful way to cool down and nourish your body with excellent fresh, whole food. This "Cucumber Tomato Salad," is a super easy side dish that can be enjoyed throughout the spring and summer months. In the summer time, you mostly just want lighter meals that don't make you feel too heavy or lethargic. So salads are a wonderful way to get in all of the nutrients that you need, to keep you feeling energetic throughout the day. The fresh salad will be a nice and light addition to any meal you choose. Most people love salads as an addition to their meals or just as the whole meal!

This summer salad recipe doesn't take long to do, and it's nice to use produce from the garden if you can. Having a garden is a great way to grow our own vegetables and know where our food is coming from. It doesn't take a lot to get one started, and once it is going, you will be so surprised at how much you get out of it! Things like lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and other greens are super easy to grow, and you can harvest them all summer long. Some of the ingredients you'll need for this cucumber tomato salad recipe include peeled and sliced cucumbers, roma tomatoes sliced into chunks, and chopped fresh basil. You'll want to make your own salad dressing for this fresh salad, with ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, dill weed, salt and pepper to taste. For the full recipe details you'll want to take a look at the recipe site. That is a lot of great ingredients isn't it? Think of how refreshing a salad like this one would be, not only in the summer, but any time of year!

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