Cute DIY Birdhouse

Are you fond of having pet birds at home? Do you like to pamper them with the goodness of life? Well, aside from giving them the water and the food to eat, your responsibility towards them includes creating a unique and cute DIY birdhouse. You will soon realize that your birds need a safety haven once they have been caught by the harsh weather. Just like people, birds also need a good shelter and a good way of living. They don’t just give you joy and happiness but they can also help you relieve your stress and depressions in life.

During your spare time, what a relaxing thing to do watching them feed and play and come and go from their new home. With the chaos of life, it’s still important that we find ways to be away from it by being around animals. However, you need to make sure they have a good and safe home to sleep at night or anytime they want to just relax from the daily pressures of bird life. Here’s what you need to create a DIY birdhouse:

• pine board

• thick plywood

• paneling scraps

• dowel

• finishing nails

• coffee can

• hooks

• wire or a chain for hanging the birdhouse

In creating a cute DIY birdhouse, be sure to have all your tools on hand and ready to start building. There are plenty of great DIY patterns on the internet that can help you with this process and I think you will be amazed at the different styles that exist. Be sure to place this feeder away from the height and accessibility of your (or the neighbors) cats. Remember that cats can climb very well and so the bird feeder should be placed so avoid this danger. To find a great image and pattern of this bird feeder, visit the "Home Edit" website link below.

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