Dad Hears Blood-Curdling Screams in Parking Lot. When He Spots Him, That's When She Utters Three Words

This fathers trip to his local Meijer to pick up some gummy bears and treats ended up saving a woman's life. Ty Zerby was doing a late night run to his local Meijer store when he had the chance to save a life. Zerby, who is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, made a stop at his local Meijer and was headed back to his car and then home. That’s when he heard a woman screaming in a blood-curdling scream. At first, he wasn’t sure what he was hearing, but then the sound registered it was a woman screaming. So Zerby headed in the direction the screams were coming from. And he encountered an awful sight. It looked like a guy was punching a woman, and Zerby wasn't all that sure what was going on. It was an unsettling sight, as a man had bound a woman with duct tape and had thrown her into the front seat of a car. He was physically assaulting the woman when Zerby approached.

Without hesitation, Zerby grabbed the man and tried to pull him off of the injured woman. As he did, he could realize that the woman wasn’t just yelling, she was trying to communicate. Listening, he quickly realized she was screaming that the man was stabbing her. Zerby worked to contain the man, and while doing so, he was hit in the face with a hammer. The blow damaged Zerby's teeth. The attacker got up, but a determined Zerby continued to fight. Unfortunately, the man squirmed away and took off. And Zerby tried chasing the man, but he was just too fast. So Zerby went back to try and help the victim instead. And it's a good thing that he went back to the woman when he did, as she was bleeding from the stab wounds.

Zerby helped slow the woman’s bleeding, using a makeshift tourniquet on her leg until some help could arrive. Thanks to Zerby's quick thinking and brave actions, the woman is expected to make a full recovery. Zerby stated that he felt compelled to help the woman, saying that he felt like God said he should help. And he acknowledges that he's been helped so much in his life that it was his way to pay it forward. Zerby's son, 9-year-old Brennan said that he was lucky to be his son. The story doesn’t end there, however. Surveillance footage picked up a fairly good picture of the attacker. And five days after the attack, Victor Gonzalez, the man who was identified as the woman’s attacker, was running from the police. During the chase, he was shot. Gonzalez' injuries were initially serious, but a few days later he appeared in court for a variety of charges related to the assault. If Gonzalez is convicted, he’ll spend the rest of his life in jail. The actions of Zerby were selfless and heroic in every sense. Zerby's story is inspiring, to say the least. His quick actions saved a woman's life and may have helped to get someone off the streets that could have hurt someone else. His son should be proud. And while it is not recommended to get involved the way Zerby did, it is usually a better idea to call 911; a woman may not be alive today if he hadn't stepped in. Do you think you would have helped the woman if you were in the same situation?

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