Dappled Stallion by Sydney Grey

It's coloring is unique, interesting and different. The dappled stallion by Sydney Grey is completely custom designed on the online gaming site, Sims 3 and shared on 'My Sims 3 Blog'. 'My Sims 3 Blog' is a great place for veteran and beginners Sims 3 players to learn tricks and tips for the game. This single and convenient application for gaming allows the online community to download exclusive content and show off their creations to the world. In this simulation game you have endless creative possibilities to create unique characters like the dappled stallion by Sydney Grey. You get to determine your avatar's character, appearance, personality, home and more. It is within your power to determine if they fulfill their Sims destiny and if they make their dreams come true. Lead your avatar out into town, meet your neighbors, have lunch with friends or say hello to the dappled stallion by Sydney Grey.

Interactive, electronic games have had a long history, beginning in as early as 1947. It wasn't until 1960 that the first truly interactive 2 person game, Spacewar! was created. Microvision released the first hand held LCD base game in 1979. This was the early inspiration for D-pad that was used in future console controllers such as the very popular Game Boy. A few years later the first 3D game for home use, Monster Maze was released. When compared to the dappled grey stallion by Sydney Grey, you can see that computer animation has come a very long ways! In 1983, SuperSet Software created the first online network game that could be played by multiple people on multiple computers within the network. This was the beginning of online gaming as we know it today. With over 30 years to tweak, develop, learn and design, online gaming has gone from the very simple to the very complex, allowing gamers to custom design their very own avatars like Sidney Grey's dappled stallion. For more information head on over to 'My Sims 3 Blog' or follow the link below.

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