Day Bed Tutorial

A day bed is a cross between a couch and a bed. It's very ideal for when you have guests over and you don't actually have a guest room, but it can also be very comfortable for those who think basic-sized couches don't really give you enough room to lounge about. A day bed can be made from any material, wood, steel or metal. The tricky part in having a day bed is being able to utilize its functionality while still keeping with the stylishness and sleekness of your interior design.

This DIY day bed project is pretty easy, even for those who have no carpentry expertise or even aren't too keen on DIY projects. Even the materials are very basic so you won't have a problem with the supplies. This day bed is made of wood so it's quite ideal for your porch or terrace area, but if you're home has the outdoorsy feel in the interior, by all means this day bed idea would be perfect indoors.

In this project, you will need less than ten (10) materials. This project need not be expensive either, considering that the main material is reclaimed wood. Having the reclaimed wood as the base will give your day bed a rustic and bucolic feel to it. Another great thing about this DIY day bed is that you could build around the dimensions fitted to your space. If you need a filler for a corner space, this day bed will be perfect. Complete instructions with helpful pictures can be found on the article below.

Day beds are very practical. They're the perfect mix of comfort and style. Picture coming home tired and drained from a hard day's work, then just relaxing on this day bed to regain your vigor and energy. The plus factor in this, getting satisfaction knowing that you made this piece of comfort with your own two hands.

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