Decadent Brownie Batter Dip

Being a mom, I always want the best for my kids. And preparing food for my family is always a challenge. One of the things that I always look up when I prepare meals for them is that it should be “healthy”. During my free time, I do research. I always want to have new ideas and new recipes.

Another thing that I always consider making when I prepare food especially whenever there are occasions is the dessert. It should be healthy for my family but still delicious. And I am glad I did found a good chocolate recipe to add up as the dip for fruits. Fruits are the best dessert for me because they are healthy. Finding a good partner for it to bring a little twist is awesome.

If you like ice cream, brownies and or cake, then you are going to like this delicious Decadent Brownie Batter Dip that I discovered. It’s quick to make and inexpensive. This recipe will be a standout on your table and is perfect too for parties and events. It tastes like fudge brownie ice cream that was made into a gooey chocolate cake. And if you’re craving for chocolate, this will kill it.

So just recently, my son won first place in their drawing competition held at the school. And as a proud mom, I thought of giving a little party for him with his friends. Since they are kids, I knew how much kids love chocolates. I came up with this idea of having brownie batter dip on the menu as the dessert for his party. I served it with freshly sliced fruits such as bananas, apples, and strawberries and believe me…They loved it!!! It was sold out! I am relieved that I gave a good impression with his friends, not to mention that I also like the idea that I not only made something delicious but is also healthy. Isn’t that great?!

To make this you just simply put all the ingredients and blend everything together. You now have a delicious Decadent Brownie Batter Dip. This brownie batter dip is not only good as the dip for fruits but is very versatile. Dip it with crackers, or with your favorite wafers, feel free to explore the goodness of this awesome chocolate dip. Visit the 'Pumpkin 'n Spice' website below for the ingredients and instructions.


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