Decorative Pie Crusts 4 Ways You Will Love

Just the thought of a freshly baked homemade pie is enough to make you crave a piece of your favourite pie. If you like making pie crust on your own, here are some great tips for Decorative Pie Crusts 4 Ways. Decorating your pies with decorative crusts is the perfect way to enhance the look of your pie. Not that anyone needs any extra encouragement when it comes to eating a homemade pie, but it's just really fun to add some flare to your dessert recipes. Decorative pie crusts have become quite a thing on social media sites like Pinterest and various Facebook pages. People take professional photos of their gorgeous pie crusts and share them on social media to show that with enough patience and practice, anyone can make beautiful pies. If you don't know how to make pie crust from scratch, there are plenty of quick and easy pie recipes online to choose from. Of course there are also pillsbury pie shells that are ready to be put into the pie dish and baked. Pillsbury pie crusts make pie baking seriously easy, and no one will be able to tell the difference. So if you are a busy person and need the assistance of quick and easy pie recipes, look for recipes that use pillsbury pie shells.

If you have the time, making pie crust can be a fun thing to learn how to do. It may seem difficult at first, but just like anything, it takes time and patience to perfect the art of pie crust making. Many people swear by not over handling the pie dough, which can end up causing the finished result to be anything but tender and flaky. The result of over handled pie dough can make it quite dry and crumbly, which isn't the desired result. A perfect or near perfect pie crust will be nice and flaky, with kind of a melt - in - your - mouth consistency. Baking your pie crust at a high altitude may also result in a different outcome, luckily there are fixes that you can find online for how to bake a pie crust at a high altitude.

Pie recipes date back as far as ancient Egyptian times and the first pie recipe to be written out was in Roman times. The word pie was actually Pye in the earlier years of it's existence and they were mainly meat pies and not sweet dessert pies. Back then, they didn't even eat the pie crust, it simply served as a way to encase and cook the contents. Later on, when people began eating the pie crust with the contents, the pies would usually consist of more pastry than meat. In the 1500s, the first sweet pies that were made were fruit pies. Some say that the first cherry pie was made for Queen Elizabeth the first. European settlers immigrating to North America brought over their pie making abilities and made pies of all kinds including dessert pies. It was a great way to make a full meal all in one, easy to eat dish. In this great informative video from Tip Hero, you will learn four different ways to spruce up your pie crusts and wow everyone with your pastry skills. The video shows you how to easily make a Scalloped edge, a Fluted Edge, a Braided edge and a Roped edge. Thank you Tip Hero for sharing these amazing techniques for finishing touches with us. Try them out the next time you make a homemade pie and see which one is your favourite.***

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