Defrost a Steak in 5 Minutes, No Heat Required

Frosting meat is mainly the method or option in order to save an unused meat. This is actually a substantial technique for raw steak. But the only problem is that, once the meat is frozen, you have to wait for about an hour in order for the meat to soften before use. Defrosting a steak really requires a lot of time as well as a careful work. Have you ever heard or watch a Taiwanese cooking show who showed the newest trendy way to defrost a meat or steak? According to the television show, all you need is a one piece of steak and a two metal pots.

Sounds amazing? Absolutely right! No need to use microwave, no hot water and no heat. The question is how is it done? First things is, flip pot upside down in your sink and place the steak on top. Second, fill up the other pot with a couple inches of water and place it on top of the steak. The steak will then be sandwiched between the two pots. Leave it for about 5 minutes until it is defrosted. It would be better to do another task while waiting for this process to be done.

How does this work? I guess for some it would be a little hard to believe right? Well, as we all know the metal is a good conductor of heat. They conduct ambient heat that is adequate to defrost a steak. So by sandwiching in between the two large metal surfaces, plus weighted by water, enables to increase the surface area contacting against the meat and with the presence of the air room temperature; making the conduction more systematic. The question is, what about if the steak is fatter for about 10 centimetres? Well, you have just to adjust your time and wait for a bit more time.