Delicious Homemade Chili

When fall rolls around its time to start using the oven and stove again and to make warming recipes such as soups, stews, and casseroles. This "Delicious Homemade Chili," recipe is the perfect recipe to try when summer ends.

Homemade chili is a great dinner recipe to make especially when the weather starts to cool down. Some of the ingredients you will need for this recipe include ground pork, lean ground beef, find chopped purple sweet onion, chopped green bell pepper, kidney beans, chili powder, seasonings, and diced tomatoes. To start you will brown your meat and while the meat is browning sauce the onions and bell peppers. Once the meats are browned drain any grease and place in a large stock pot. Add the onions, peppers and the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil and reduce the heat to medium. Let the chili recipe cook for at least two hours on medium heat stirring often. When you are ready to serve the chili place into a bowl where you have added a heaping tablespoon of grated cheddar cheese. Top the chili with some sour cream and fresh chopped parsley.

It is said that the first chili ever made was in Texas, out of a cattle drive by an old chuck wagon cook to use up the tougher cuts of beef. In the early 1800's chili was made out of dried beef, suet, dried chili peppers and salt that were pounded together into bricks and some of that brick would be cut off and made into a pot of chili. In 1893 at the World Exposition held in Chicago Illinois people from all over the world got to eat chili at the San Antonio Chili Stand. The rest as they say is history. There is a long running chili dispute going on, about whether or not chili should have beans. Depending on where you are in the United States, you will find chili served with beans and with out beans.

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