Dessert Tacos Are Made To Impress In Just A Few Steps

Everyone seems to be loving tacos these days, but check out these Dessert Tacos Are Made To Impress In Just A Few Steps. If you need a super easy dessert to add to your dessert recipes collection, try this one out. This is one of those healthy dessert recipes that you don't feel bad about indulging in either. Since this recipe is filled with lots of nutritious fruit, you can also get a dose of your daily vitamins. Of course, the sugar is not the healthiest thing about this recipe, but you could substitute refined white sugar for something with a lower glycemic level like coconut sugar or powdered stevia. This will keep that sugar rush and your blood sugar at a normal level. But once in a while, of course, its fine to have some normal white sugar for dessert and for fun. Simple dessert recipes like this can be prepared for a kid's birthday party before their guests arrive and be placed out on the table for the kids to make their own fruit tacos. The kids will have a blast with this, and it's great for picky eaters who can choose exactly what they want and don't want in their dessert taco.

The fruit that is recommended for these dessert tacos in the recipe from Shared, consists of mango, kiwi and strawberries, which are alls delicious and healthy fruits to enjoy. Mango has a high amount of vitamin C, vitamin A and great dietary fibre. Kiwi fruit also has high amounts of vitamin C and dietary fibre, but also has the added mineral, potassium and strawberries have everything that mangos and kiwis have, plus, high amounts of manganese. All of these fruits are very high in sugar, so just be mindful of how much of them you eat and how much your kids eat. These dessert tacos also have ice cream in them, which would make for a delicious combination with the fruit. If you want a healthier option, you can use a vegan ice cream that is made from coconut milk, or an almond ice cream made from almond milk. The kids won't even know the difference. So in this recipe the ice cream is kind of like the meat of the taco, the fruit is like the pico de gallo and the sauces are like the hot sauces that you would put on a taco. This is one of the simple dessert recipes you will want to try more than once, maybe with different fruit combinations and ice cream flavours. Have some fun with it, and explore your options.

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