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These beautiful log houses are a perfect example of natural, handcrafted log house construction. The Canada Blockhouses from Canadische Blockhauser show off the beautiful natural look of handcrafted log homes built by skilled log home builders. Log home building is an art passed down throughout the centuries, building strong and durable structures for people to live in for a lifetime and a legacy to pass onto future generations. The beauty of log houses is something that will never fade away because they are so highly regarded and revered. When you build or buy a log house or cabin it will never go out of style. There are log houses and cabins in North America that have been standing since the 1800s. While they may not be in their original condition, they are still standing proudly. Log houses are designed and constructed to endure some of the most devastating natural disasters. There have been accounts where log houses have survived hurricanes and intense wind storms with gusts up to 100 kilometres per hour. That's pretty incredible isn't it? As we know from trees out in nature, wood has the natural ability to bend and sway with the wind. Trees and wood tend to be very flexible which is what makes them such desirable building materials.

The kind of wood used in log house construction depends on the location of the log home building company, and what the customer desires and prefers. For companies in North America, species of wood that would be found locally would be pine, spruce, cedar and fir. Canadische Blockhauser uses fir in all of their projects, and they are located in Germany so they mainly service that area and other European countries. On their website you can see many of their completed building projects, which are all pretty impressive. These are beautiful, luxury log houses with so much architectural appeal and they are made with amazing craftsmanship. They all have a similar, traditional style which is inspired by traditional log house construction methods. The company does all of the hand peeling, notching and scribing of the logs themselves which some log home building companies don't do. There are other companies out there that sell prefab log home building kits who create all of those kits by manufacturing the pieces to have a uniform style and shape. The logs are usually made by machine instead of by hand.

While log home building kits provide customers with a very similar log home look, the natural logs just tend to have so much character, with all of their knots and natural grooves. Each home built by Canadische Blockhauser has it's own style and design, but they all have that natural, handcrafted log home appeal. Some of the log houses have even implemented solar power which is a great step in the right direction toward being sustainable. Living in an all natural log house, with solar power out in nature, would be such a wonderful lifestyle. Have a look through all of the log houses in this photo gallery from Canadische Blockhauser and see which ones are your favourites. If you are planning on building a log house of your own, looking at other log houses for inspiration is a great way to figure out what you want for your own log home designs. If you know you want a traditional handcrafted log house, than these ones will be right up your alley. If you need to translate the page into English, just open the link below in a Google Chrome browser and it should translate it for you.***

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