DIY Backyard Pergola

Any garden enthusiasts in here? Well, this do-it-yourself Pergola will make your garden look like a paradise--- Why are you moping? “I don't have a date. I've been single since birth and---” You are worrying about a date? You, adorable creature, should worry no more! A place to have a date is not going to be a problem. What do you think about having a candle-lit dinner under a pergola? It would be very romantic! “Wait, I don't have a Pergola, and---” Again, worry no more my friend! You can build your own Pergola! “Do you know what a Pergola is? “No, but I---” Well, let’s find out.

Pergola also known as Arbor, is a “garden feature forming a shaded walkway, a passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice; often upon which woody vines are trained.” It is a type of Gazebo. Pergola may also be an “extension of a building or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions.” I know you've seen this to a few fairy tale or romantic films. It looks so adorable and beautiful, isn't it? Some people think Pergola is the same with green tunnels, but they're not.

Pergola comes from the Latin word ‘pergula’ which means ‘projecting eave’. The term Pergola was first mentioned by John Evelyn at the cloister of Trinità dei Monti in Rome in 1645. The term was used in the English context when “in the company of the fifth Earl of Pembroke, Evelyn watched the coursing of hares from a ‘pergola’ built on the downs near Salisbury for that purpose.”

So, are you ready for this do-it-yourself Pergola? We've got to do it now for your date tomorrow night! “Yes I am. That would be lovely.” Sure! Let’s buy everything we need and make sure we don’t forget anything. “Well, I think you forgot something.” Yeah? What? “You forgot that I don't have a date tomorrow night or any other nights.” What?! Why did you just stand there?! You could have told me! “I told you, you eejit! But you kept on interrupting me! You just kept talking like a machine gun!” Well, if you slapped me hard in the face, we could have saved a lot of time finding you a date! Come on! We'll build that Pergola later! Geez.

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