DIY Bench From Old Chairs

My mother would always tell me that there is always a beautiful part behind ordinary things. When we were younger, when we saw someone being bullied by a group of kids for being ‘different’ or ‘ordinary’, mother would reprimand them and say “You can’t make fun of someone just because they are unlike you!” After that, it would be our turn for her to lecture. That night, during dinner, my mom would spend the entire time talking about stuff like uniqueness, diversity, differences and whatnot. Of course, as a child, it doesn't make sense! I’m just like, “Mom, can we just enjoy our dinner, please?” But of course, I didn't say that. Imagine another hour listening to her whine if I said that!

The two chairs in the picture above are…just common chairs. You look at them now, the next minute; you will not even remember that those ordinary-looking chairs were there. It saddens me to think that other people fail to see the greatness behind every ordinary thing. In the picture above, if you will not spend five minutes thinking about these chairs, looking at them closely, you will never uncover the beauty that lies within. Just a little repairing and varnishing; a little tender, love and care, you will see that it is absolutely beautiful. Have you seen the movie Two Weeks Notice starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant? In the film, Lucy (Bullock) is a lawyer with a low sense of fashion. Unlike other girls, Lucy is not a head-turner. She just looked like an ordinary woman but mind you, she in involved in many protests to save her community. Her goal in life is to lend a hand to those who are in need. She is a woman who has a big heart and will fight for the common good.

You might ask this: what is the connection then? Well, this is my answer: Do you see those two old chairs being transformed into a wonderful bench? The point here is that, these two chairs have always been a part of something beautiful. That bench cannot become a bench without those two chairs. They only look ordinary, but the woods that are used to create the bench could not stand without these old chairs.

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