DIY Cedar Play Teepee

Wow, some kids just have it all! It would have been just grand to have DIY parents when we were growing up. Like this awesome mom, Brooke, who’s blogged about the brilliant DIY project she did as a Christmas gift for her daughters - a Cedar Play Teepee! Perhaps with these great instructions, we will be able to DIY it ourselves, too.

Why a teepee? Brooke and her husband Jacob wanted something that could be sturdy and durable yet spacious enough for the kids to play in (as well as one or two adults, too!) A teepee’s natural structure has all of these qualities, not to mention it just looks really cool. Another great thing about it is the construction is fairly straightforward. Brooke wanted cedar, and so they just needed four by fours, two by fours, two by twos, and fence pickets – materials that are easy to find at a hardware store!

She and Jacob opted for the wall slats so the wind could easily blow through it. Living in Central Texas can be a bit drafty! And they even left a few opening at the top as well, not only for air circulation but for star gazing.

The construction time for this teepee project was two days, but it will probably take you much less than that because they were working during their youngest daughter’s nap times and after they got home from work at night. Brooke highly recommends staying natural and using cedar because it doesn’t just smell good! That very same sweet cedar scent tends to ward off insect pests as well.

This fine structure is so simple and portable, too. If you ever tire of it, you can always build on to it or simply move it somewhere new.

For the full scoop on how to build your own DIY Cedar Play Teepee, please visit the Killer B. Design website below.

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