DIY Hanging Birthday Reminder Calendar Board

Sometimes we all have a tough time remembering birthdays. Good thing there is something that can help you out, this diy hanging birthday reminder is the perfect diy project to help you remember all of those special days. It's happened to us all, that feeling of dread when you know you should remember something, but what is it? Only to remember the day of someone's birthday or the day afterward and feel embarrassed that you forgot the birthday of an important person in your life. Don't worry; you're not the only one. Life gets busy, and sometimes things slip our minds. Especially if it's someone you don't see a lot. If it weren't for Facebook telling us what upcoming birthdays are happening, and reminding us to wish someone a happy birthday on their day, we'd probably be even more forgetful. This is one of those diy crafts for home that not only looks cute hanging on your wall, it also serves a really important purpose, making sure that you'll never forget another special birthday again.

Different people have different feelings surrounding their birthdays. Many celebrate it and go all out, throwing a huge party, inviting all their friends. While others would rather keep their birthday hush hush, just keeping to themselves and maybe having a nice dinner and a movie. When we were kids, our parents often threw us elaborate birthday parties with balloons, presents, and cake, which is really fun when you're a kid and a new year is like a new milestone reached. As we get older, we tend to look more toward the major milestones like the decades. So after 21, 25 and 30, the milestone birthdays get further apart, and many people don't really make a big deal about their birthday each year. That doesn't mean people don't want to be wished a happy birthday, though, even if it's just a quick note on Facebook, a text, or a card in the mail, it's always nice to feel the love on your birthday. Diy ideas like this one from Creative Ideas would be perfect for a grandmother to have to keep track of all her grandchildren's birthdays, and other family members as well. For most grandmothers, it's very important to them that they get out a birthday card in the mail in time for their grandchild to have it for their special day, and as people age their memory starts not to be as sharp as it once was, so they may tend to forget.

There are online stores that sell these great birthday calendars, but if you love to have your own fun diy projects, then there are also great tutorials for making these diy crafts for home. The calendar is essentially just a simple piece of wood, painted to the colour you desire, which for most, would be a colour that matched their home decor. Once the wood is painted, the months of the year are written all across the bottom and hooks are attached to the board under the months. You can add any word you like on the board above the printed months, some choose to write out 'Birthdays' in large lettering, or 'Family Birthdays' if the board is specifically for family members. Then, little chips are made, or you could use little circular pieces that have been pre-cut which you can find at a craft store, and you print the name of the person and their birthdate. The chips are then linked to the hook under their corresponding month and then to each other in defending chronological order. The results look beautiful. Enjoy this and other fun diy projects and ideas from Creative Ideas.***

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