DIY: How to make concrete look like wood flooring!

If you’ve been considering a garage, basement, or ground floor makeover and want to do something about that harsh-looking concrete floor, then look no further. Here’s an awesome DIY tutorial on how to make concrete look like all-natural wood flooring! You can really do so much with concrete – much more than you ever would have guessed. And who knew you could actually make it look like beautiful antique wood? There’s a whole new craze sweeping across North America, and it’s all about transforming old grey concrete into gorgeously-grained wood. When you see these new floors, you really might think it’s all been done by magic – they look so perfect - even better than real wood!

The name for this surprisingly old but suddenly very popular phenomenon is “decorative concrete”. And now that there are lots of informative video tutorials out there on the web, more and more people are able to do these projects all by themselves, or at least with the help of a few good friends! All you need to transform your concrete into hardwood flooring are a few special tools and fairly easy-to-get items, all included in this excellent DIY concrete-to-wood how-to video.

What’s the first step? Well, you’ll need to check out your concrete floor to make sure it’s going to be completely paintable. You need to make sure it doesn’t have excess moisture, because when you have excess moisture, you have problems. Basically, paint won’t stick to a wet floor. So to test your floor for moisture, cut a small section of aluminum foil and tape it to your floor. Leave it there overnight. The next day, when you remove it, check it for any signs of moisture. If it’s wet, you might need to deal with that situation. If it’s dry, you’re ready to go!

The next thing you’ll need to do is find yourself a shot blaster. If you don’t own one yourself, can you rent one or can a friend lend it to you? Once you procure your shot blaster, you need to “shot blast” your entire floor. What does that mean, exactly? A shot blaster has a high-powered steel abrasive on it that will sand your floor down in the most powerful way. This will not only level your floor and give you the perfect “clean slate” to work with, it will also give it the perfect texture it requires for the next treatment.

The next step is cleaning it all up! The shot blasting will produce a very fine powdery substance that you’ll need to vacuum up and mop down until your floor is so clean you can see your face in it. Well, maybe not quite that clean, but you get the idea. Next, get out your masking tape and put it all around those edges where you don’t want to get any paint. For example, put your masking tape on all of the walls that border the floor. This may seem like a tedious task, but it will make your life a heck of a lot easier in the long run – trust us! Okay, so now that you’ve done all of this great prep work, it’s time to start painting! If you want your concrete wood floor to have lovely dark hues like the one in the video, then you’ll need to start off by using a dark-pigmented polymer base. Next, you’ll need to stock up on some good old fiber tape. This tape’s going to be your best friend because it’s going to literally help you transform your concrete floor into one that actually looks and feels like real wood!

You’ll want to watch the how-to video so you can get the whole scoop on how to make concrete look like wood flooring. We found it over at the Decorative Concrete Kingdom’s YouTube channel. These guys do their work so well, they even know how to make concrete look like tile, marble, and granite.

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