DIY Mason Jar Speaker Set

Ahh, the mason jars. Nowadays it gets used for canning, for storing, for smoothies, for gardens, and even in this case to create a speaker system! Music has been part of our daily routine because for many, life without music is boring. Whether you are an RnB lover, a hiphop enthusiast, or a classic fan; having a good speaker would be a great asset. We all love to listen to music and having a good quality speakers to do this would be a lot more relaxing. Coming from the Design studio of Sarah Pease based on MIT's David Mellis's Fab Speakers, we are lucky enough to learn how to transform your basic glass mason jars into a speakers. Does it sound cool and amazing?

In order to create this project you will need a thing or two from the local or on-line hardware store in your community. Not everyone will be able to understand the materials list, but those who can will have a very fun DIY project on their hands; as if you know a bit about tools and materials, it really is not that difficult. You will have to know a bit about soldering (which is a hot iron that will basically glue metals together). Be careful with this tool, as it is very hot! .

You will have to know how to hold a drill and drill it into the glass with a diamond drill bit. Be sure to wear goggles and protect your peepers! Then from there, it is a matter of wiring the electrical bits. In this day and age where everything can be bought at Walmart for a reasonable price, it is only the true DIY-ers that will appreciate this sweet little contraption. Once finished, you can bop and dance to your favourite tunes; as well as download your favourite genres!

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