DIY Pallet and Spool Chair

Old pallets are a very cheap building material, so you can see why there are tons of interesting (and useful) do-it-yourself ideas how to make your own furniture. First and foremost, in this day and age all furniture should involve some aspect of recycling, repurposing and reclaiming materials as most discarded furniture ends up in the trash filling landfills and garbage dumps all over the world. Cheap plastic furniture is mostly made by toxic chemicals and once a piece is broken it's thrown away as trash and ends up at a dump. Something even as simple as a wooden-pallet can create so many furniture ideas like: sofas, floors, chairs, coffee tables, beds frames or headboards and shelves, chairs, bar-stools, cabinets and counters, outdoor furniture and more! And when you use do-it-yourself decor ideas the unique, bespoke and custom creations are endless! You can build practically everything you need in a room from pallet! It can be used indoors but there are plenty of pallet projects outdoors too like garden beds, patio furniture, outdoor benches or swings, and even deck flooring. The best part about recycled pallet furniture design can be used for making a modern fully-functional conversation piece and it has sentimental value if you made it yourself. Showcasing mother nature and a bit of the "outdoors inside" in interior design is a long term trend that is sustainable, environmentally friendly as it focuses on reducing, re-using and recycling instead of disposable pieces ending up in landfills.

Wooden pallet furniture ideas are fun, quick to do and easy enough for children to be actively involved in the process. Teaching your family about re-purposing old into new is a new-age "life-skill" too. We hope you are inspired to make a few of the pieces and recommend you check out the link below for even more ideas!

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