DIY Rustic Ice Box

How about building a Rustic Ice Box? Who doesn't enjoy a weekend DIY project from time to time? I was sitting with friends a few weekends ago enjoying the season's first BBQ cook-off, and it dawned upon us that the one thing missing in my backyard was some sort of cooler box or container that we could throw in a case or two of ciders, beers, even bottles of wine while we were outside enjoying the sun come down. I just spent a ton of money renovating my deck, fixing up the garden, even invested into some nice rustic patio furniture. The last thing I want to throw down amongst my outdoor dining area is a tacky plastic white and blue cooler filled with 20-30$ bottles of wine. I don't think so! Now, I have to admit I' not the handiest person out there, but a few of friends sure are, and so we all started thinking about how to create something practical, stylish, and fitting for my deck. And then it hit us! Use the left over cedar from the deck reno! Perfect!

So, how does one take left over cedar planks and come up with a fabulous and rustic ice cooler design? Take out the notepad, throw down some pencils, pour a few glasses of wine, and see what your friends come up with. Is always a good idea to sketch up any plan - with measurements - before you begin any construction-based DIY project. The great things about pooling ideas from friends is that you are able to see different ideas and designs and then come up with something that ideally is best suited for you. Why not? They're likely going to be the ones using your new cooler with you, aren't I right?

So, lets get started! Your DIY rustic recycled cedar cooler is essentially a box on legs. There should, of course, be a lid and supporting lower shelf. You can even add details like a bottle opener on the front of the cooler to add some extra flare and added efficiency. Why not?

Check out Wonderful Woodworking website just below for tips and step by step instructions of how to build the very best rustic wooden ice box.

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