DIY Stackable Fruit Crates For $30

Calling all fruit lovers and DIY junkies! Here is a project that you will love since it benefits both your fruits and your love for do-it-yourself items. Today you will learn about making your own stackable fruit crates. You will be surprised how much this cost in stores even in garage sales. Apparently, it could take more than a $100 to have a couple of fruit crates for your kitchen. That price is just too much, knowing you can easily do it on your own. The best part of this article is the fact that all you need is $30 to finish this project.

This will require a bit of woodworking task for you, so it’s a must that you know how to handle this activity. You don’t need to be a professional carpenter, but it’s still ideal that you have some experience working on wood crafting. You will need to do a lot some drilling and sawing to pull this off. Note that you must be précise on measuring the pieces of wood that you will put here to keep its look proportion and neat. Gather all the materials you will need first before starting and cedar wood is what we advise that you use for these crates.

You will need the basics like nails, hammer, staining wax, pencil, measuring tape and some other modern tools that will make the cutting and drilling of these woods faster and easier. If you have a few basic power tools, almost all of the hard and manual work could now be done with them. This DIY will bring you great satisfaction once you see the finished product.

For more information about making your own stackable fruit crates, check out the website “The Woodgrain Cottage” below.

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