DIY Toddler Pallet Bed

Having a baby brings a lot of joy and happiness, but you have to think and consider the financial matters that is involved. As the baby grows, toddler need lots of things. One of the most significant things that you need to think of is about the baby cribs as well as the bed. This is actually a bit expensive but there is actually a cheaper solution for that. One better way is to make and build it yourself. Doing it so is easier and challenging!

To start with, you will need 2 pallets. You may use a 48 x 40 inches. Are you ready for your DIY Toddler Pallet Bed project? jot down the following tools and materials that you will need.


- 4-5 bolts (Make sure that it is long enough to go through a 2 widths of bracing when it is butted up next to each other) washers and nuts.

- Short wood screws ( Long enough to go through the next board and the slats)

- Long wood screws ( Long enough to go through the next board and bracing)

- One 2 X 4 X 10 piece of lumber ( Longer or more pieces if necessary. It can be use to make extra modifications in the long run)

- 5 casters with locks

- Circular saw

- Palm Sander with medium grit sandpaper

- Socket set

- Pencil and T-square

- Tape measure

- Drill with bits in different sizes, depending on the pallets and condition of the wood

Did you jot down everything you need? OK! Keep in mind that no two pallets are going to be exactly the same from the other. Follow the instructions carefully and make adjustments just as when needed. Check out Goods Home Design for more detailed and precise steps. Have fun and Good luck!

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