DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs

Looking for some perfect DIY crafts to make to give as gifts or just to spruce up your own kitchen a bit? These DIY Watercolor Coffee Mugs might just be the perfect craft to try when you get the urge to be artsy! Sometimes finding the right coffee mugs for your home can be tough... Sometimes you want six bit the ones you like only come in packs of four or maybe you break one in a set, and you can never find a replacement. Well this DIY can bring out your inner artist while providing you with something functional to use around the house. These mugs are great, because if you ever happen to break one, all you have to do is buy another plain white mug and have some fun with this process again!

Coming to us from Audra Kurtz's channel on YouTube, this DIY tutorial is a fun and easy way to make something really amazing. The only supplies you need are ceramic coffee mugs, in the style and shape you like best. You can often find these at craft supply stores, or dollar stores or any other bargain store for extremely affordable prices. At the dollar store you can get them for, you guessed it, a DOLLAR! So even if you were wanting to make six of these, it really wouldn't cost you too much in the long run. The other items you need for this great DIY project is some nail polish, in the colour you like. In this tutorial, Audra used purple, which looks awesome, but you can use any medley of colours you think looks fabulous together. It might be fun to try a rainbow! Then you just need some deep plastic basins to add your warm water to, some toothpicks and some paper towels, because DIY projects can get messy!

Once you have all of your supplies ready to go, all you have to do is just drop the colours of nail polish you would like on your coffee mug right into the warm water. She did purple, and used two different tones of purple, one light and one dark, which creates a really magical look on the white coffee mug. The nail polish just seems to spread out over the surface of the water, and when you take your handy dandy toothpick to it, you can swirl it around a little bit to create a fun design. Don't worry about being too particular, this is one of those DIY's where the less perfect it is, the better it looks. Celebrate the perfection in the imperfection! So you then just take the cup and dunk it into the nail polish and take it out right away. It is so cool to watch on the video how quickly the nail polish clings onto the cup! It's like magic! Once it has clung onto the cup, you are all done! Yes, it's as simple as that. The cup can then dry on your paper towel, and once it is dry, it is ready to be used.

Some tips for this DIY coffee mug project would be not to let the nail polish sit on top of the water for too long; you want to work as quickly as you can. The nail polish doesn't take long to dry on top of the water, and it can create a nasty film that will just dry on top of the water, which is no good for sticking to your coffee mug. The other thing is that once you are done, make sure you don't put the mugs into the microwave too often, nor in the dishwasher. Otherwise, your beautiful paint job will come off! So there you have it, the perfect, super easy DIY craft to make as a gift or for yourself to jazz up your kitchen! Make sure you check out the awesome video and have fun crafting!

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