Do You Hate Peeling Potatoes? This Simple Trick Will Make It Super Easy and Fun.

I remember being a little girl on my grandma's farm in the heat of the summer, I must have been somewhere around 8 years old when she handed me a paring knife and pointed to a big bag of potatoes and said "you're going to peel all of them". My jaw dropped when I saw how many potatoes were there to peel... if only I knew the quick and easy way to peel potatoes back then!

Now as any enthusiastic young kid who's being handed a knife for the first time, to use all by herself, I was actually rather excited. Even though it's peeling potatoes, as a child it just seemed like the most fun task in the world. Now I'm no longer that little girl using a knife for the first time; now I realize if you have a large quantity to do, peeling potatoes is time-consuming.

Thankfully these days most of us use a vegetable peeler to remove all those unwanted skins in the kitchen and accept that it takes time and repetitive motions. That's why it's always great when you find and share a tip that you have come across on the internet that turns out to save you oodles of precious moments. There's always the sense of wishing you learned it sooner, but it's better late than never, right? Now when my kids come to the age where it's time they start pulling their weight in the kitchen, they won't be only be handed a knife to peel those potatoes... they will also be introduced to this super amazing quick and easy way to peel potatoes as well.

Now I'm not sure if it was such a great idea that my grandmother ever handed me a knife at such a young age, to this day I question whether that was age appropriate. But that was back in a time where things were different, kids had more responsibility, more weight to pull around the farm, and apparently learned to be careful and responsible with tools.Regardless of my grandmother's parenting ways, all I know is that this method of peeling potatoes quick and easy. Facebook has all sorts of information. Some of it is useless, I'll admit, but every once in a while as you're sitting there scrolling through your feed, you come across something that draws you in. Sometimes it's a touching story, other times it might be a political issue coming to light, and then there are those life hacks that we all love.

Now I know you're just itching to know what this amazing trick is, check out the article in the link below so that you can learn it for yourself. The next time you have a big bag of potatoes to peel, round up the kids and teach them this amazing trick on peeling potatoes. It is always a great thing to teach your children kitchen skills to prepare them for the time they will be making meals on their own.Potatoes might seem like a carbohydrate heaven with little to no nutritional value, but that's actually very far from the truth. In fact, I remember when I was pregnant, I was recommended by my doctor to eat potatoes to get my fill of calcium. Who knew potatoes would be the next best thing for calcium besides milk, right? Not only do potatoes contain a significant amount of calcium, they are also full of necessary fiber which is an integral part of digestive health. Essential fiber is like the broom of the intestines, sweeping away all the gunk hanging around the sides of your intestinal tract, keeping it nice and clean in order to function properly. So eat your potatoes!

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