Do You Want to Know the Secret How Can You Get Your Sink THIS Shiny?

Just one look at this shiny sink, and you will want to know the secret to get your sink that shiny. While spray-on polishes are quick and easy fixes to use on furniture, people don't always know what to use on kitchen sink to make them look like new again. To get your stainless steel sink shiny and new mix some Borax with some lemon juice and make into a fairly stiff paste and keep in a small lidded plastic container. You will love how this house cleaning tips idea gets the sink looking like new. Scrub into the sink and then rinse well when finished and it will make them shine. The best part about this house cleaning tip is that it uses simple ingredients that you already have in your home. You'll love how your sink looks afterward. Another way to get your stainless steel looking shiny is to use some baby oil. Don’t buy expensive stainless steel cleaners, just use a cloth and rub a bit of the baby oil into the stainless steel and polish.

There are all sorts of house cleaning tips and tricks that you can use around the house. Instead of buying expensive washing detergents, you can buy the cheaper brands and add one heaping tablespoon of washing soda crystals when you are washing really dirty, work clothes and more. The washing soda will work with the washing liquid and get your clothes super clean. Another of the household cleaning tips is to not buy expensive and toxic window cleaning sprays, simply make your own. Use a spray bottle and fill with 1/3 white vinegar, and 2/3 cold tap. Use the natural window cleaning solution as you normally would. Old crumbled up newspapers make good window polishers. Another house cleaning tip is to use some borax mixed with some lemon juice in a paste to clean sinks and baths and get extra clean. Rinse well afterward and it will make them shine. Baking soda sprinkled directly into the sink and then rubbed with a damp cloth also produces great results.

Baking soda is one of the best and safest cleaning materials. It is a gentle abrasive that doesn't scratch, doesn't stain and is super easy to use. Another of the household cleaning tips is to use washing soda to keep your washing machine free from grease and dirt. Just fill the washing machine soap dispenser with washing soda and run through the hot wash cycle. Another house cleaning tip is to cut your SOS or Brillo pads in half. Usually you only get one use out of these anyways, and afterward, they just sit in the sink holder rusting. Cutting them in half saves you money, and you can just throw them away after one use. One of the easiest and most inexpensive brass and copper cleaner is to use a mixture of lemon juice and salt. Rub this liquid onto the dirty copper with a soft cloth, or use you can use a toothbrush for trickier spots. Clean off the dirt left behind with a damp cloth, then lightly buff up with a soft, dry cloth. There is no need to buy expensive cleaners, this all natural cleaner will do the trick. These house cleaning tips and tricks can be found on the "Save Money Guide" site. These are just a few of the household cleaning tips you will find on the site. You will also find tips on saving money on clothes, weddings, diy tips, house cleaning tips, green tips, natural cleaning tips, food recipes, garden and so much more. **

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