Dog Day Bed

Wow, doesn't that dog look happy and comfortable in his very own log bed? That is a great idea, I had never thought of getting my dog a gorgeous log bed like that. Nowadays many people including myself feel that "dogs are people too" and that they deserve a lot of the same things that we as humans do. With most dog beds being little more than a covered foam pad, this high quality log bed tricks your dog into thinking he or she is taking over your sleeping space when in reality it is built just for them.

Right now, I have a big dark dog just like the one from this picture. He is a Labrador retriever, and his name is Max, he also has a bad habit of taking over my parents' bed. Whenever my dad is away, he jumps up on their bed and pushes my Mom into the corner, sprawling out his legs as he soaks in the luxury of sleeping on a bed. It is not just Max, it seems every dog wants to spread out and take over every inch of the comfortable bed they lie in. Max is so cute and adorable that my Mom doesn't even try to kick him off the bed. Instead, she lets him have it all to himself. I am the same way and one day I am sure I will have the same problem, and it will be impossible for me to say no to that cute little puppy face.

Luckily, with this log bed as an option even a really big dog who lives outside can enjoy the luxury of having their own bed. The beautiful craftsmanship of this bed and other similar Woodworks makes it not only practical, but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to anyone's furniture.

Now it is time for you to view these amazing wooden dog day beds for yourself and see what you think! Click the link below to visit The Log Builders website for more incredible log furniture at your fingertips.

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