Don't You Hate When This Happens? Bet You Didn't Know About This Quick Fix!

Itís strange how glass pot covers always seem to lose their handles at one point or another, usually a year or so after you first purchase them. Looking for solutions so you donít have to throw out your cookware and buy a new set? Hereís a nifty way to fix your pot and pan lids with missing handles as well as a few tips for buying good-quality cookware and substituting pot lids when you have no lids at all.

The first, and probably most obvious, way around this problem of losing your lid handles is to buy the best-quality cookware in the first place Ė preferably something that doesnít cost a fortune. Glass cookware works well, however after a while, it does start to break down around the edges. One of the reasons why you lose your handles on glass lids is because the glass slowly disintegrates around the screw, loosening the handle until it falls off completely. When choosing your new cookware, or buying it as a gift for someone, you will want to find lids that are attached more solidly. For example, a metallic handle that is actually welded to the lid will probably stay there forever. Rivets also work well when it comes to attaching handles and other pot parts. Screws would be a last resort, simply because they do tend to loosen over a period of time. Be sure to inspect your prospective cookware thoroughly to ensure it will be sturdy enough to do the job. Look for stainless steel, cast iron, or copper. Try to stay away from non-stick varieties because they contain chemicals that get released into the food and the air as you are cooking. Non-stick surfaces also tend to scratch easily and wear away after a while. If you are having trouble sourcing sturdy pots and pans at an affordable price, why not check out your local second hand store? People are always clearing out their cupboards, and often you will find top-quality cookware that will not cost very much. Another idea is to ask your friends and relatives if theyíre getting rid of any pots and pans Ė you might score a few freebies that could last for years to come.

However, if youíve already bought your cookware and are dealing with lid issues, youíll be happy to know there are some very simple cooking hacks to get you through the day. If you have a few pots or pans that donít have any lids at all, you can improvise by using a larger lid from another pot. You can also use a metal baking pan or a cookie sheet. Did you know this is actually a common cooking trick in the food industry? Another idea is to drop by your local second hand store and see if they have any orphaned lids available. When people are cleaning out their cupboards, they often find lids that donít fit any of their pots anymore. In that case, you could find a treasure trove of lids that may just fit some of your cookware. In the same vein, youíll want to check with friends and relatives, yet again, to see if they have any lids that need a new pot to call home. Even if the lid is slightly too big, it can still come in handy for those cooking emergencies.

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