Do's and Don'ts of Food Freezing Everybody Ought to Know About

With preserving being such a popular thing right now, you are sure to want another The Right Way to Freeze Basically Everything. Wherever you go, there are fruits and vegetable being made into some artisanal recipe from jams to pickles, relishes and jellies and everything in between. So it only makes sense when you go to the farmers market to use up every last bit of vegetable and summer produce. That often means having to freeze some of your treasures for use later in a smoothie, soup recipe, pie recipe or sauce recipe. Freezing is one of the easiest and best cooking tips/kitchen tips to preserve your fresh food that is already in your kitchen to use later. The freezer is one of the best tools you have in always having fresh fruit and vegetables tucked away in your freezer. Maybe you went out in the summer and picked an abundance of blueberries, you used some for preserves, pancakes, and pie recipes, you can then freeze the rest to use in fresh smoothie recipes all year long. The process of freezing foods is quite the whole freezing process is quite straightforward, you simply throw the produce in the freezer, wait and use later. There are however some cooking tips/freezing tips to preserve the fruit and vegetables the best you can. You might have questions on how to properly store your scallions, how to save your steak from freezer burn, or how to defrost more efficiently. There are definitely some do's and don'ts to this kitchen tip to properly freeze your food for use later.

Anytime you use blueberries for a recipe, you know you are doing something that is good for both you and your family. This bright blue superfood can be sold fresh or processed in the form of individually quick frozen fruit, purees, juices, or dried or infused berries. Blueberries can be used in all sorts of delicious recipes. Blueberry recipes include jellie recipes, blueberry pie reicpes, jam recipes, muffins, cupcakes, snack foods, and cereals. Blueberry jam is a simple and delicious recipe made with blueberries, sugar or honey, water, and fruit pectin. You can also make blueberry wine by using the flesh and skin of the blueberry, which is fermented and then matured. For blueberry wine recipes usually the low bush varieties of blueberries are used. Blueberries are also a good addition to fruit smoothie recipes. Blueberries are a healthy addition to recipes as they contain micronutrients mostly in small amounts, with moderate levels of vitamin C, manganese, vitamin K and dietary fiber.

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