Double Shrimp Pasta

Every once in a while you come across an incredibly amazing recipe that is so perfect you make it over and over again, and it becomes one of your staple meals. This double shrimp pasta just might be one of those recipes for you once you try it. When I was growing up and we would go to a restaurant, one of my favorite items on the menu was always the shrimp pasta or anything tossed in Alfredo sauce. If I had tried this recipe at a restaurant, I know it would become an all time favorite that I would order any time I went back. This might not be the best recipe for someone who is trying to lose or watch their weight, since it is quite heavy on the cheese and carbs, but if you're looking for the perfect comfort food this will be a winner. The "Cooking With Curls" website aims to provide her readers with real food so all the ingredients are non processed and good for you,

This recipe was inspired by one of her favorite restaurant items. She was dedicated to recreating it so that she could enjoy the delicious double shrimp pasta without needing to spend a ridiculous amount of money ordering it out. Well I think she definitely succeeded in making something incredible, that is probably even better than the ones from the restaurant! The shrimp used is breaded so it gives it an extra oomph of flavor. And the blend of 3 different cheeses give an extra dimension and complexity that ties the dish together really well.

The best part is that this recipe is actually super simple to make, so once you get the hang of it the first time, you'll be whipping it up again and again in no time at all. There's also some room for changing some of the ingredients if you wish. Add in some local seasonal veggies, or other veggies of choice like corn to give it a twist. On the other hand you can follow the recipe to a T and get something great every time.

This recipe blog is created by Lisa, who is a mother of two kids and two very furry dogs! As the daughter of two British parents, she did not grow up eating traditional American meals. She is a Southern California native that currently calls Eastern Iowa home. She is a reformed junk food junkie trying desperately to repair the damaged caused by too many years of eating highly processed, nutrient void, chemical laden, FDA approved, trash. She likes to collect cookbooks, and has hundreds of them that she reads just like novels. She is also a self proclaimed dinner party diva, and has been compared to the Barefoot Contessa more than once. She likes to research her recipes and information, so if she needs a recipe she searches the internet. If she has a health problem and the doctor’s can’t figure out she searches the internet. She is also a kitchen gadget collector – if it is made for the kitchen, she probably owns it. You'll find lots of recipe inspiration and ideas on her site.

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