Dreaming of Your Own Log Cabin with Nature at Your Backdoor? Read This.

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Obsessed with fine-looking log cabin homes? Dreaming of building your own? Well then, itís very possible the gifted craftspeople of Coventry Log Cabins have created the Clearwater log cabin just for you! It really comes as no surprise that this open-concept cabin is one of Coventry Log Cabinsí best-loved designs. Let us walk you through it, so you can see for yourself! Walking up to this lovely log cabin home, youíll enter through the front door Ė which means you climb the stairs to the spacious covered front porch. This is the best place in the world to sit and have your morning coffee and take in all the sights of nature. This could be an ideal place to sleep in the summer time, listening to the crickets and frogs chirping all night. The kids will love it! The French doors at the entrance are all made of glass, allowing for maximum sunlight exposure, so you find yourself walking into a sun-drenched dining and living room area! What a bright and charming spot to lounge in, or enjoy a lovingly-cooked meal.

With the high, cathedral ceilings and the rustic wooden stairway ever-carrying your gaze upward, it is truly a dramatic experience as you walk into this log cabin home. There is just so much breathing space in here. It feels so clean, so pristine, and healthy. Youíll want to move in immediately! The well-appointed kitchen also has tons of light streaming in. Youíll want to spend a lot of time in here, cooking up sensational meals for the family. Youíll find the master bedroom suite down here on the first floor as well. Youíll be very happy to find a walk-in closet on the way to the master bathroom. The more space the better, and this log cabin home simply has it all. Walking upstairs is a magical experience. What will we find up here? Two more cozy bedrooms as well as another full bath. With its gabled dormers as one of its most elegant features, the loft is beautiful to behold. Who wouldnít want to sleep up here? Itíll be fun! Thereís also enough loft space up here to provide you with a recreation - or sitting - area that overlooks the living room below! Again, the kids are going to love this sweet log home.

At 1,586 square feet, with two levels, a front porch and wraparound deck, we can really understand why the Clearwater is such a sought-after design. There are three bedrooms in total, as well as two-and-a-half bathrooms, so no-one will be fighting for their own space or lining up at the door. This is the perfect log cabin home for a family or for people who enjoy entertaining guests. This could be a place to live in all-year long, or it would make the ideal weekend getaway or summer home, depending on what your needs are. You could even rent it out to guests so it would eventually pay for itself; then you could move in! We should also mention the Clearwater design can also come with a similarly-designed garage as well, so you donít have to worry about a mismatch Ė your new garage will fit in just perfectly!

Based in Woodsville, New Hampshire, Coventry Log Homes has been in business for over twenty years and is still going strong. Itís no wonder, with beautiful log home creations like the Clearwater Ė but this is just one of their many designs. They can provide you with an entire catalogue of selections, including the Craftsman Series, the Tradesman Series, the Recreational Series, and so much more.

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