DYI - Folding Stool

This DIY outdoor furniture idea is lightweight, small and easy to carry. This wooden stool folds flat and is sturdy. You can carry this diy outdoor furniture piece in the trunk of your car and use it for a variety of things from camping, watching baseball games and more. To make this DIY idea, you will want to take a look at the video tutorial and follow the steps to build a few of your own. This wooden DIY idea for a stool is somewhat like a wooden puzzle. You will love the way that the wooden stool unfolds, with the two halves of the seat gliding together as the legs slide apart below. For the wooden stool to work smoothly, you will have to be precise when you shape the wooden parts and drill the dowel holes. And the best way to help ensure its precision is to use jigs. The assembly jigs are cut from the pieces of scrap plywood or particleboard. If you want to make more than one of the diy stools, you will save a lot of time by using the jigs. It should take about three hours to build this wooden DIY idea for the first one, and about one hour more for each additional wooden stool. The wooden stool in the diy outdoor furniture tutorial is made out of pine because it is light and strong, but almost any wood will also work. Your wood must be exactly 3/4 inch thick. If not, the wooden tool will not work using the dimensions that are given in the Cutting List. While putting all of these wooden parts together might seem a bit confusing, be patient and take it one step at a time, it really is pretty easy. The wooden stool consists of two main assemblies, with an outside half and an inside half. The tools you will need for this DIY outdoor furniture include a miter saw, jigsaw, clamps, painters tape, a drill or driver, and table saw. For the full video tutorial and instructions, you will want to take a look at the Family Handyman site.

Pine is one of the most common species of softwood that is available for DIY ideas and projects to do in home centers today. When you are woodworking with pine, there are many species of pine from which to choose, but they all tend to get lumped together and are usually regarded as being somewhat utilitarian. Pine is typically good for DIY ideas and projects to do that include shelving, framing, or other projects to do that are not typically associated with fine woodworking. While pine does have its limitations, it can be used for more projects to do than are given credit. Stable pine, especially that of a more antique nature, is among the most revered of woodworking stock and can be more stable than some of the most popular hardwoods to include maple or cherry.

In the United States, two of the most common varieties of pine available for DIY ideas and diy outdoor furniture are Eastern white and yellow pine. Yellow pine is wood that is a bit harder than Eastern white pine and can be a bit more difficult to cut. However, when Eastern Pine is used properly, can give fantastic results. Most of the limitations when using Eastern pine is that it tends to scratch or dent easily. Second, pine that comes from the lumber yard is typically sold a bit wetter than what is considered optimum. This can lead to movement in the pine wood as it acclimates to the local environment. Fortunately, both of these limitations can be easily resolved.

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