Earth Could be at Risk of an Invasion by Aliens Living in Massive Ships

We all know and love Stephen Hawking, the former theoretical physicist and cosmologist that is so famous for his research, writing and way that he navigated his challenging and brilliant life.

In current news, Mr. Hawking is reported to indicate that he strongly believes in aliens and says it is a possibility that Earth is at risk for an invasion. In a documentary, this man of great respect, argues that is is perfectly rational to believe that life exists elsewhere in the universe. He also states that it is highly possible that massive UFO ships will come to colonise our plants and take our resources.

He believes that our own human experience can show what it would look like if we were in fact invaded, and the outcome would like be grim. Look how all invasions have turned out across the history of human kind..what is to say that aliens would treat us any better than we have treated our own species. Hawking reports that most alien life likely is made up of small animals or microbes in planets, but that there is also evidence of larger predators and herbivores among us.

There are billions of galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars, so it is very unlikely that we are alone in the universe. Believing in aliens is perfection rational, but the challenge is trying to understand what they look like.

Current numbers indicate that there are at least 80 identified species of aliens that have visited earth, and that some range from 'alien-looking' to blending in entirely with the human form. There are likely ones that want to see our planet succeed and other that will plunder and pillage us for our resources. So should we fear this alien invasion? Well, in my humble opinion, there is not alot we can do about it either day, so the best course of action is to live life in the present moment fearlessly and whole heartedly, because whether aliens are fact or fiction, our days on this planet are limited regardless.

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