Easiest Chicken Casserole

Going to a potluck this weekend and need some inspiration for a good hearty meal that will feed a lot of people? Or are you just looking for a real no-fuss dinner to cook for your family tonight? Either way, you might want to check out the Easiest Chicken Casserole recipe we just found over at Nicko’s Kitchen! And believe us, it really is EASY.But first, let’s take a moment to learn a little more about casseroles! Did you know the word ‘casserole’ actually refers to the dish in which the recipe is cooked? In French, ‘cassa’ means ‘ladle’ and it goes back even further than that, to the Medieval Latin word, ‘cattia’ which means ladle too. What does this all mean? We can only guess, but it seems like the word casserole originally meant a meal that all could share from the same pot – something that could be ‘ladled’ out to every person in the family or community. And so, what better meal for a potluck dinner?!

Other similar concepts are the Spanish paella, French cassoulet, British pot pies, and Italian lasagne – all perfect examples of casseroles in varying degrees. And what do you think the very first casserole ever made was? We can’t prove this, but we’re pretty sure it was macaroni and cheese! The recipe for this, called ‘de lasnis’, was actually found in a very old text called the “Liber de Cucina” dating back to 1404. It called for pasta boiled in water and layered with grated cheese. You could add mild spices, if you wished! Can you believe it? Mac and Cheese, the ultimate comfort food, a favourite of the Neopolitan Court of Charles II of Anjou!

You'll want to watch this step by step video recipe tutorial on how to make this easiest chicken casserole recipe, step by step video tutorials are so helpful, especially when you haven't cooked this recipe before. On this youtube cooking channel you will find plenty of other great recipes to try from baked cheese rolls recipe, five minute mac n' cheese recipe, chocolate fudge recipe, pizza balls recipe and more.

For this easiest chicken casserole recipe you will need package of french onion soup, some boneless, skinless chicken breasts, onions, a can of cream of celery soup and some rice. Then you will need a 9 by 13 inch casserole dish. You will layer the rice on the bottom of the casserole dish. Then lay your boneless chicken over top of the rice. Next you will use a small bowl and empty your cream of celery soup and the package of French onion soup, along with two cans of water and mix together until its all combined. Then season your soup mixture with some salt and pepper and mix again. Then pour your soup mixture over the chicken and rice. Preheat your oven to a low 320 degrees Fahrenheit, and then put your casserole dish in and bake for approximately two hours. This is a great dinner recipe that you will love.

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