Easter Creme Egg Cheesecake

Growing up with a houseful of cousins of different ages made the parents come up with a strategy so that the little kids would not be left out so that the only the older kids could find things. My Grandfather would wander around the yard as the excited children searched for chocolates. He would fill his pockets with treats and deposit them for the little kids in places that were easier for them to see at such tiny heights. The most favored of the treats that he would leave for us all to discover were jellybeans and cadbury cream eggs. We always felt quite lucky when a shiny yellow and blue wrapped egg would end up in our basket, and if we were not lucky enough to find out own, our parents would make sure that we all got at least one.

These delicious chocolate were the ones that I saved for last because they truly felt like gold. Nothing tastes more like Easter than biting into a Cadbury creme egg. The rich milk chocolate surrounding that creamy, sweet and somehow tangy center is a delight to the tastebuds.

So when I came across this Cadbury egg cheesecake from Taming Twins, I realized that I must bookmark it and make it coming Easter. Some tips for making this delicious and festive dessert are to refriderate the cadbury eggs for an hour in the fridge, or else they will be very gooey and hard to work with. Also, for the cheesecake stick with a full fat cream cheese for the most flavor and stable cheesecake. For a well done drizzle, be sure to use different piping bags (or ziploc) bags so that the colors stay pure. Finally, when you do go to cut this delicious dessert, use a sharp knife that has been ran under warm water before each slice. This will give clean and photographable results.

Enjoy this most delicious Creme Egg Cheesecake from the Taming Twins website below.

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