Easy Apple Turnovers

I know apples have imposed a not so good reputation in Snow White and the story of Adam and Eve, but this time, we are going to look at the real fruit behind these stories. *winks* This easy apple turnover will make you see the real deliciousness it offers. You’ll be drooling over this recipe! “Bring me apples.” Certainly. I will bring to you one of the world’s most delicious and nutritious fruits. I know the world is an apple; however, we will have a little peek-a-boo first on 'The Woman Behind the Curtains' who is responsible in creating this lovely dish. Come and peek with me, shall we? *winks*

Ladies and gentlemen, let us give a big round of applause to the lady behind the curtain, Sheryl! *big round of applauses* Sheryl is a church event’s organizer for over 25 years, from Thanksgiving dinners, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festivals, to Easter Brunch and Rodeo Fest. Name it and she has done it all! According to her, she has done a lot from it that she decided to bring some of the experience to ‘Lady Behind the Curtain’. “Being creative is my passion and I love being able to share it with you,” says Sheryl. *silence* This woman is simply amazing! People like her who are passionate about being creative are real laudable. Keep it up, Ms. Sheryl! *winks*

From here, we will talk about the star fruit of this recipe, apples. Apple is a sweet pomaceous fruit. It originates in Central Asia. Its wild ancestor is the Malus sieversii which can still be found. According to Wikipedia, apples have been “grown for thousands of years in Asia and Europe, and are brought to North America by European colonists. Apples have religious and mythological significance in many cultures, including Norse, Greek, and European Christian traditions.”

When we talk about health benefits, apples are never out from the list. Did you know that biting and chewing an apple can help you get a whiter and healthier teeth? According to Reader’s Digest, “biting and chewing an apple stimulates the production of saliva in your mouth, reducing tooth decay by lowering the levels of bacteria.” They can also aid you in controlling your weight. Apples are very rich in fiber which manages your weight and improves your health. I attest to this, people. I always eat apple before every meal and it has helped me a lot! Lastly, apples boost your immune system. “Red apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin. Recent studies have found that quercetin can help boost and fortify your immune system, especially when you're stressed out.”

Well, start eating apple to keep the doctor away by having easy apple turnovers! Have fun! *winks* Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Lady Behind the Curtain" website below.

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