Easy Fixes for 8 Common Kitchen Mishaps

Learning to cook can be an adventure fraught with spills, burns, flops and the occasional divinely delicious meal to make all your suffering worthwhile. If you are new in the kitchen, no doubt you experience the occasional mishap. Even the most experienced chef makes a mistake every once in a while. After all, we are only human. This article from Real Simple provides a few tips and quick fixes for some of the most common pitfalls in the kitchen. Read and learn so you can avoid wasting a whole meal because of a little oopsie. What I like most about this article is that, not only does it provide fixes for your mistakes, it also gives you some very clever tips for preventing the same mistake from happening again.

Overcooking and burning or scorching food is one of the most common kitchen errors. I have done it many times myself. Pop tray of cookies in the oven, then the phone rings and next thing you know there is smoke wafting from the kitchen. Oops! We have all done it and sometimes the food cannot be salvaged. I take some comfort in composting any ruined meals so at least I know that my charred cookies will eventually turn into soil that will grow more food in the future. But you may be surprised at how many meals can actually be salvaged despite our neglect in the kitchen. Careful use of seasonings and sauces can cover up errors and no one other than you will know that you messed up. Re-purposing overcooked veggies into a soup or mash is an excellent way to deal with another common cooking mistake. This helpful article even includes tips for speeding up the ripening of fruit and repairing cakes and pies from physical damage that may have seemed irreparable at first glance. Check it out and enjoy your culinary adventures.

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