Easy Ham and Cheese Stuffed Crescents

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any other time when your family gathers together in one house, we know it can get a little hectic – especially if you are trying to feed everyone! That’s why this easy ham and cheese stuffed crescents recipe is the perfect crowd-pleaser for any occasion. Yes, it’s true. Making the big meal on the big day is one thing - you know, the one with turkey, potatoes, gravy, and all the trimmings - but what about all of the other meals leading up to it? What about breakfast, lunch, and all of the snacks in between? Sandwiches are a good idea, and can help fill in some of those gaps. But they can get boring pretty fast. So how about something a little different, like ham and cheese-stuffed crescent rolls? These little babies are so easy to make, smell amazing when they’re baking, and taste even better when it’s time to sit down and eat!

And this lovely crescent roll recipe is good for any time of year, no matter what the occasion. All you need is a tube of Pillsbury’s “big and flaky” Grands Crescent Rolls and you’re almost there – just need to stock up on some quality ham and a few other choice items, and then you’ll be all set. You know what you could do? You could cook a full-on honey-glazed ham one night – you know, a big one with cloves and honey or maple syrup? Just imagine how your entire family would swoon with the sheer flavour of it! And you know what’s even better than that? Leftovers! Imagine all of the delicious home-baked ham slices you will have the next day, and what you can do with them. Instead of buying sliced ham at the local deli for this yummy ham-stuffed crescent roll recipe, you would now have an ample supply of your own. Talk about delicious AND efficient! And when it comes to this cheesy ham roll recipe, it calls for a list of very simple and minimal ingredients, but you can always add a few ideas of your own. Spice is always nice, and it could be fun to experiment with a few different kinds. You could also try a few veggies too – like green peppers, minced onions, or how about jalapeños? That way, your ham and cheese-stuffed roll recipe will be your very own original, and it can be different every time. You could even serve it for breakie if you wanted to. Imagine this: ham, egg, and cheese-stuffed crescent rolls! What a perfect breakfast sandwich to try out on the kids the next time they’re home from college!

We sure gotta hand it to Pillsbury! These guys have been around for a dog’s age and are still cooking us up some really high-quality dough baking recipes that make us all look like superstars in the kitchen with minimum effort on our part. Let’s face it, when family’s visiting, no matter what time of the year – it can get a bit crazy, right? Especially when the sons and daughters are bringing home their significant others as well. Or what if they’re already into the grandbabies? For goodness sakes, who has time to think of yummy cheese roll recipes when there are people crawling all over the place? We are grateful to Pilsbury for coming up with quick solutions to these otherwise overwhelming situations.

And we are also very grateful to our dear friend Valerie over at the Valerie’s Kitchen blog. That’s where we found this perfect Pilsbury crescent roll recipe – it was Valerie’s idea to add the cheese and ham. Wow, what a perfect combination! Valerie’s a loving wife, home-chef, and mother to four fully-grown boys! She created this blog to stay in touch with her kids when they’re off to college and on their own sweet adventures in life. If they ever need a taste of home, they’ve got all of her amazing recipes at their fingertips.

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