Easy Home Made Bacon

Bacon, it has always had a wonderful place in human history. Now you can make it yourself from scratch, try out this tutorial for Easy Home Made Bacon! Humans have been eating it for thousands of years. People traded it as a staple of economies, and most recently, it has turned into a hot food trend! It’s no mystery why we all seem to have a food obsession with bacon. That smoky, greasy, chewy but still crunchy strip of meat wit just a hint of sweet flavour… mmm! Just the smell of bacon alone, is enough to wake up sleepy children, vegetarians seem to sometimes make exceptions to eat bacon even. Bacon is just one of those foods that well…leaves people feeling happy!! And while yes, all the aforementioned could be said about store-bought bacon, the thing is, bacon from scratch—cured, smoked, and cut at home — puts store-bought bacon to profound shame. Oh does it ever?! I didn’t think it was possible to improve on perfection, but I had to find out. And maybe you will find out too if you try out this great recipe.

Step one: Head on down to your local butcher shop. If you haven’t found a local butcher shop, go online and find one ASAP!

Step two: Buy yourself some pork belly!!

Step three: Let the curing begin! This is super easy, so don’t even sweat! Besides, curing, back in the day, was the way people preserved meats without refrigeration. Think about that!! To cure your pork belly, all you need is:

4 cups Kosher salt

2 cups (brown) sugar

Now, you can add a variety of things to this rub: black pepper, garlic, ground bay leaves, whatever really you like, just go on and get creative!! What flavors you add will come through in the meat. Now use ALL the rub to cover the pork belly, then stick it in a zip lock bag, and put it in the fridge. Its really up to you and how you want your bacon to taste.

Step four: After about a week, then next step is to smoke it! Smoking is the final step, and the trickiest one. Good news is, if you have a BBQ, it’s fairly easy to accomplish. The key here is that you are only smoking your bacon, not cooking it. So be careful!! So you don't need a fancy meat smoker, that can cost quite a lot of money. No way, all you need is your handy good old Barbecue! Isn't that awesome? Now, if you have done things correctly, you will be holding in your hand the something that’s absolutely divine! Go on and take a bite! For the full recipe, visit the 'Instructables' website. This site is a great place to get lots of step by step instructions on a variety of different projects from do it yourself adjustable wood sawhorse, tiny houses on wheels, gypsy wagons, basic lasagna recipe, hipster travel computer case, staining wood with wodka and walnuts, old style raspberry syrup and making your own essential oils tray. There are plenty of step by step instructions on technology projects, workshop projects, living and food projects, play and outside projects to name a few. This site is a place where you can share your projects and designs online with the world, while tapping into an ever growing community of creative experts, while at the same time finding all sorts of creative projects from around the world that you can access and discover for yourself. Enjoy your Bacon!

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