Easy Homemade Bounty Bars

Ever had the craving for a specific chocolate bar but when you go to the store, that specific chocolate bar is out of stock? I usually find myself in this predicament if I have the sudden hankering for Bounty Bars or Mounds. I mean, living in a tropical country, the tropical taste of coconut wrapped in sweet chocolate is just a heavenly explosion for my sweet tooth and taste buds. So my disappointment at not being able to satisfy my craving for this specific chocolates is too much to bear. Lucky for me, I was able to come across this recipe online. Now I'm able to make one of my favorite chocolate bars from scratch, and the best part I get to make as much as I want.

This recipe is so easy, lucky me! And the ingredients are fairly easy to come across, you won't have a hard time looking for them. It'll take you about an hour to make this, not including refrigeration time. So, like I said earlier, you can make as much as you want but keep in mind that coconuts tend to dry so storing them for more than five days might not be a good idea. My advice for this recipe, however, is to make sure that you use the unsweetened variety for the desiccated coconut. Using the sweetened kind with chocolate might be too sweet for your liking, but if you are using dark chocolate for your chocolate coating then go ahead and use sweetened desiccated coconut.

This recipe can also be shared with kids. The instructions are simple so the kids can easily follow the steps plus they're bound to have a blast dipping the coconut bars in the melted chocolate. They'll enjoy making it as much as they'll enjoy eating their very own homemade bounty bars right after.

Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the 'Not Enough Cinnamon' website below.

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