Easy Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting

Desserts, particularly cakes, don't seem to be complete without the perfect frosting. And today, you'll learn how to make an easy homemade whipped cream frosting from this easy Homemade Whipped Cream Frosting recipe we recently discovered. We all love frosting, that sweet coating that you see covering all good pastries and cakes!

Frosting is also known as "icing" in the United States. You can also make frosting into various shapes like flowers that you carefully form with the help of a pastry bag. This takes a little bit of practice! A recipe made by Elizabeth Raffald back in 1769 was the very first time the word “icing” was used.

Now that frostings have come a long way, a lot of people have made their own versions of it. This time, instead of the usual creamy and glazed sweet covering to decorate the cake, we’re going to use some whipped cream. You probably are worried that it might melt and it may not make your cake look very good after all. The good news is that this frosting, because of the wonderful ingredients it uses, is actually pretty stable. Thanks to Gina Gilmore and her blog called Cooking with Gilmore, we were able to snag her secrets on creating this cool frosting. Gina is an artist and a teacher. This is why she can come up with ideas like this and won’t have problems teaching her readers the step-by-step procedures of her recipes.

Gina doesn’t just share lovely pastry dessert recipes on her website either. She also does mini reviews of all the current books that she is reading. So Cooking with Gilmore is also an excellent place to get caught up with your books while you’re eating all of the yummy food you’ve just made from her recipes. Gina seems to especially enjoy spy novels, so if you’re into that genre, you may be interested in some of her latest reviews!

To make the frosting, you must prepare some baking tools like your mixer, mixing bowl, spatula, and a pastry bag. As for the recipe, just get some cream cheese, white sugar, vanilla extract, almond extract, and heavy cream ready. You can use a reduced-fat cream cheese if you’re trying to watch your diet. You can bring out the culinary artist in you when you decorate your cake using this frosting.

And when you have your cake all ready, baked, and frosted, it’s going to taste so perfectly scrumptious! And like I said earlier, this frosting is very stable, meaning it will NOT go all oozy-goozy on you at room temperature or above. Some frostings do this and it can be very heartbreaking when they do – although they still taste good, they can really make a visual mess out of the entire cake. This is a major tragedy when you’ve just spent the better part of a day putting it all together.

This homemade whipped cream frosting is so delicious and so versatile, it doesn’t even have to be used as a frosting. It can be used as whipped cream – for ice cream, pie, and pastry toppings, fruit salads, smoothies, and so on. You can even use it as a lovely dipping sauce for your favourite fruits!

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