Easy Mexican Dorito Casserole

Love Mexican dishes? Can’t get enough of your favorite Dorito? Perhaps you will love this exciting and delicious twist. In just a few minutes, you can have yourself your own Easy Mexican Dorito Casserole. This recipe is good as an appetizer or a snack in your lazy afternoon. No need to worry about the ingredients many are so basic they may already be in your kitchen. Who would’ve known that the simple bag of Doritos can make a great ingredient for this casserole dish? Mexican dishes are famous for their unique spicy taste. They also have the yummy creamy taste because of the cheese. Yummy.

Doritos is a brand of seasoned tortilla chips produced since 1964 by the American food company Frito Lay. You might be asking yourself why this dish is called a Casserole? What is a Casserole anyway? This came from a French word meaning “casse” which means a case that is a large, deep dish used in both in the oven and as a serving vessel. The reason why this dish is a casserole because it has been cooked in an oven. If you are new to the world of cooking and are not familiar with some of the ingredients, here is a little information to help you. Sour cream is a dairy product formed by fermenting a regular cream with certain kinds of lactic acid and bacteria. Sour cream has a sour taste because the bacterial culture that is deliberately and naturally introduced causes the sour taste and it also thickens the cream. This is a mixture of different herbs and spices that give your favorite Mexican tacos a delicious taste. What are Ro-tel tomatoes? This is a brand of canned chopped tomatoes that include chopped chili peppers or jalapenos. If you are not that fan of spicy food, you can just choose the mild flavor. The spicy flavor makes the dish more appetizing. If you love cheese, then you can put more of it. Remember to use oven friendly utensils too!

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