Easy No Bake Cheesecake Cups

Elegant and appealing, Easy No Bake Cheesecake Cups. This is not your traditionally looking cheesecake.

Let's talk a bit about Cheesecake! How does it look? Cheesecakes are consists of a combination of soft, fresh cheese, sugar, and eggs; if there is a bottom layer it is consists of a crust whether sponge cake, pastry or graham crackers. It can be baked or unbaked and is usually refrigerated. It can be prepared in any flavor such as, key lime, toffee, strawberry and a lot more. They are usually sweetened with the use of sugar and topped with chocolate syrup, any fruit, nuts, fruit sauce, and/or whipped cream.

A no bake cheesecake simply means, no baking in the oven involved. This recipe is still rich and has tangy flavor of cream cheese, and is still creamy and soft. The difference only is that it doesn’t contain any eggs and flour, or other thickeners that are why it doesn’t need to be baked. With this manner, it also eradicates all the problems, in general, that is related with cheesecakes, like over baking and cracking.

Some of the greatest no-bake cheesecake recipes of today will be found in most community cookbooks, women’s magazines, or have been passed from neighbour to neighbour. Many mothers appreciate and love to prepare this method because it can be whipped up in no time and will use common ingredients that are easily purchased in your local supermarket.

There are in fact a couple of yummy great things about these no bake cheesecake cups. Firstly, they are made up with yogurt. You can either make it with custard style or Greek style yogurt, whichever you prefer. The simple crust is from graham crackers. These cheescake cups need to be refrigerated for a couple of hours to set, so plan a few hours ahead.

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