Easy Roast Chicken

Imagine the smell of a roasted chicken. It’s aroma, people. Smell, feel, and taste it. *stomach rumbles*Oops, sorry. *big smile* This recipe we have today will give you heaven-like feels once you devour it. This easy roast chicken is just… SUPERB! Everyone, this is ideal for all meals! “We want it now!” Uh-uh! There’s no need to hurry, dear one. We can have this recipe later. For now, we'll just… prolong the agony for a few minutes. *winks* So, before the roasting begins, let’s get a little tiny bit of information about roast chickens first.

We'll define roast chicken. It is a “chicken prepared as food by roasting whether in a home kitchen, over a fire, or with a professional rotisserie (rotary spit).” Roasted chicken is one of the most famous dishes and is served in plenty of restaurants around the world. Chickens are roasted with their own fats and juices by exposing it to heat or fire.

Roast chickens have many varieties. One of these is the Hendl. Hendl is the Austro-Bavarian term for roasted chicken. Traditionally, Hendl is served in Bavarian beer gardens and festivals such as the world famous Oktoberfest. It is usually eaten with pretzels or a mug of beer. Another variety is the Pollo a la Brasa. In the United States, this is known as blackened chicken, and charcoal chicken in Australia. According to Wikipedia, “the original version consists of a chicken cooked in charcoal but the preparation has evolved and marinated meat is now roasted in the heat of the coals of a special oven special called a rotombo which rotates the bird on its own axis, consistently receiving heat from the coals.” This type of variety can be seen as the original roast chicken. There are many more varieties of roast chicken. A lot are added during the 1990’s. This also includes the Tandoori chicken which is popular in South Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. This roast chicken is prepared with yogurt and other spices.

I know we are all hungry now. What are we guys waiting for? Prepare the grill and let the chickens roll! *winks* Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "My Fridge Food" website below.

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